Studio Hire

Studio hire is priced at $625 inc GST per day which is inclusive of both the room hire and one of our in-house engineers including setup and pack down of the session. Overtime will be charged at a rate of $45 per hour for the engineer.

We understand that every artist and project is unique and has different requirements, so please contact us to talk about your project and budget. We can help with suggesting how long it will take, what might work within your budget and figure out a way to make it work best for you.  Any project booked in the studio has full access to all of The Alamo’s equipment.

We have a number of different people who work out of The Alamo. To help select the right producer/engineer for your project, please check out our humans page. For larger jobs our senior engineers may require an assistant engineer for at least part of the recording process such as drum setup etc. An assistant engineer helps speed up the process considerably and is highly recommended where the budget allows.

Half Days and Hourly Hire

For smaller projects that require less than a full day then bookings are available for both half days and by hourly hire. Half days are priced at $415 for a 4 hour day and hourly bookings at $110 per hour with a minimum call out of 2 hours. Both prices are inclusive of one of our in-house engineers.

Using Your Own Engineer

You are welcome to bring your own engineer into The Alamo but as every project has different requirements we ask that you please contact us for more information. We will require the specifics of what you plan on doing to be able to give you an accurate quote. We generally require that you use one of our in house engineers who is familiar with the ins and outs of the studio space for at least part of your recording, but once we have all the information we can work out the best way to get it to work for you.

How To Book

All projects require a 25% up front deposit with the balance payable on completion. Any cancellation requires 48 hours-notice to receive your deposit back. Failure to give notice will result in the loss of your deposit or one full days fee for bookings larger than 3 days. Payments for any invoices can be paid via direct deposit, credit card or cash.